Wi-Fi : Advantages and Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Technology

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Wi-Fi Advantages and Disadvantages

Wi-Fi is stands for Wireless Fidelity; Wi-Fi Technology was developed in 1991 in NCR Corporation which is acquired by AT & T in the same year.  The very first product of Wi-Fi is called as "WaveLan" and its data rate is 1 to 2 Mbits/s only. 

Now with continues Development of Wi-Fi technology it's got more and more speed ex: IEEE 802.11n at up to 600 Mbits/s and IEEE 802.11g at up to 54 Mbit/s.

How Wi-Fi Works

Normally Wi-Fi network works over radio waves on the air without any wired or physical communication between points. At least two points needs to communicate with Wi-Fi, they may be access point and client or client and client (Ad-hoc Network).
We can direct or make Wi-Fi adapters or Access points to communicate each of them by using SSID. if you have multiple Wi-Fi networks around you, you can choose certain Wi-Fi network with SSID. You can restrict or allow particular device or Wi-Fi client by adding MAC address of the client in Access point.

Advantages of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi allows managing or communicating network without laying cables, it can reduce the cost of Cables and laying charges. You can run the network where you can't lay the cable network. Wi-Fi setup and configuration is easy than cabling process, you can add any number of Wi-Fi clients without hassles and moving to other location also easy. You can send and receive the any amount of data in the air; its completely safe and it will not interfere with any network. Mobility, you can use the Wi-Fi network while moving within the signal range at office or at home.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi network implementation is more costly than wired network. There are some limit to transfer the data rate, it can't send the huge data compared to wired technology, data transmission rate influenced by the network environment where the electromagnetic radiation generated by the households. you can replace your old CAT5 network with Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi will generates some radiation which is effects on human health.  Stop Wi-Fi devices or equipment when it is not in use to reduce the radiation.

After reading Advantages and Disadvantages of Wi-Fi, Choice is yours to use Wi-Fi or not.

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28 February 2014 at 03:38

I always feel wi fi have the advantage the only issue of wi fi for me is security if its secure its good.:)


3 April 2014 at 02:31

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