Gmail Tips: 10 tips to improve your productivity in Gmail

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Gmail Tips
Gmail has many features that allow you to be more productive when using the webmail service. These tips can save you from other research and quickly find important messages and create canned responses.

Many of the features that are described in this post requires that you activate the "Labs" section.

Enable Quick Links: This feature allows you to create quick links that allow you to open with one click your important email. I use it mostly to save messages that contain information about a journey, access to my web server and display the unread messages. When you want to delete a quick link, simply click the X that appears to the right of the link.
Save your searches: do a search and click on "Quick Links" to save it. So you can quickly return recurring searches.

Hide read labels : on Gmail labels are somehow workbooks. There is a feature that allows you to display only the labels containing new messages. As soon as you read the new messages associated with a label, it will be automatically hidden. To enable this feature, go to the Labs section and select "Hide read labels."

Create a document from a mail: Gmail allows you to transform a message document. When you read a message, select "Create a document". Immediately, your email will be imported into a new Google Docs document.

Filter messages like: the menu that appears by clicking the triangle pointing down to the right of "Reply" allows you to create a filter for messages similar to those that appear on your screen.

Create standardized responses : standardized answers are useful when you receive such requests on your pricing, your offer of service or any other type of mail that requires a standardized response. Go to the "Labs" section to enable this feature.
Display unread messages: you get a ton of new messages every day? You can filter your messages to show only unread emails. In the search field, enter the following command: label: unread label: inbox
course you can save this command in your Quick Links

Transform Gmail messaging system professional : It is easy to turn Gmail system work email. Setup is simple and requires minimal configuration. You can find the tutorial here.

Create aliases : Gmail offers the possibility to create variations of your email address. Aliases are useful when you do not want to leave your real address to a site or a company more, you can easily trace the

So if your address is, you can insert one or more points between each letter of your address. For example,, you can also add the + symbol followed by a word: abc + Enfinc, Gmail also offers the ability to send messages

Use search operators: GMail offers several search operators that allow you to filter the results.
label: label name = search related emails to a label
has: attachment = search for messages with an attachment
filename: doc - filename : pdf = allows you to search for specific formats attachments.

A complete list of Gmail search operators here .

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